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The Northeast Financial LLC NICHE Sheet

Working with Northeast Financial LLC has it perks.  One of which is access to our industry leading niche products. Here is quick list of some of the Niche Products you can find here at Northeast Financial LLC: Bank Statement Ideal for self-employed borrowers who can’t use tax returns to qualify Up to 90% LTV, no…
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Investor Cash Flow

Our Investor Cash Flow mortgage program allow you to qualify based on rental analysis to determine property cash flow. No personal income required to qualify. This saves you from submitting complicated income statements and tax returns. Here are some details about the program: Loans up to $1.5 million, Minimum loan of $75,000 Qualification based on…
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What is PMI

Private Mortgage Insurance PMI allows you to finance a home with less than 20% down payment. For an extra monthly cost to you, PMI provides default insurance to the lender. Thinking of saving more to avoid PMI? Accumulating tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a down payment is challenging for the most…
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You have checkups every year for your health, your pets and your vehicles – now we recommend one for your finances and home, too! What’s A Mortgage Review? One of our mortgage experts will work with you and review your monthly payment in detail, including your credit, mortgage insurance and income. Next, we’ll discuss any…
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FHA is not the only option for a low down payment

Did you know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both offer competitive low money down products as well?  FHA is not your only option to get into a new home with less than 5% down. Down payment as low as 3%, even for first-time buyers Typically faster, easier and with a lower monthly payment than…
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The Department of Veterans Affairs has created mortgage programs designed specifically for military personnel, veterans, and surviving spouses of those who have so valiantly served our country. VA mortgage programs are among the most important benefits available to our military! PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ■ 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year fixed rates available ■ Up to…
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95LTV Jumbo Financing with NO MI

JUMBO Included! Up to 95% Financing with no Mortgage Insurance.  ($2 million max loan size at 95LTV and 740 min fico needed and must be owner occupied) Did you just fall out of qualifying for a conventional loan? We have a competitive option to help you achieve the house of your dreams. ● Loans up…
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The Northeast Financial Pre Approval

Getting pre-approved before speaking to a real estate agent can save you time, money and frustration.   You’ll know what you can afford. Getting pre-approved before you shop is imperative, as it allows you to shop within your price range. It gives you negotiating power. Having a pre-approval always puts you ahead of a buyer…
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FHA removes one more barrier to home ownership for borrowers with student loan debt.

Since April of 2016 FHA has required lenders to use the greater of 1% payment based on the balance of any outstanding student loan debt or the actual payment as reported on the borrowers credit report.  With the cost of education only going up perspective homebuyers with $100K or more in student loan debt have…
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What does LTV mean?

Loan-to-Value An acronym often encountered in the home buying or refinancing process, LTV describes loan amount as a percentage of the purchase price or value of property. For example, an $80,000 loan on a $100,000 property equals an 80% LTV. You can also think of LTV as the inverse of your down payment. If you…
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