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Do Rates Care About Debt Ceiling?

It was nearly impossible to avoid news regarding the debt ceiling this week, but how much does it actually matter? Let’s make sure we’re on the same page first.  What follows are a few NON-POLITICAL thoughts on the debt ceiling, which is different than a “default.” The debt ceiling has to be increased periodically in…
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All About Ceilings

The debt ceiling debate is all over the news, but it’s a different ceiling is commanding more of the bond market’s attention.  Still, we wouldn’t say the debt ceiling is irrelevant, so let’s take a brief moment to address its implications for the housing and mortgage markets. The most direct effect of the debt ceiling…
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Navigating the Challenges: Buying a Home in Today’s High-Interest Rate Market

In recent times, prospective homebuyers have been faced with the challenge of purchasing a home in a market with higher interest rates. Rising interest rates can have an impact on the affordability of a mortgage and the overall cost of homeownership. However, with careful planning, research, and the right strategies, it is still possible to…
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Hi, My Name is Consolidation, And I Can Explain Everything

Scroll down far enough on the list of Webster’s definitions of the word “consolidate,” and you’ll find “to form together into a compact mass.”  Financial markets appropriated that definition long ago and have been using it to refer to the condensed mass of prices, yields, or whatever else is being measured on a chart. Speaking…
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Plenty of Movement, Not Much Progress; More Volatility Ahead

The first week of any given month tends to have the highest concentration of economic data with the power to influence the bond market, and thus interest rates. This week was no exception. In addition to the scheduled economic data, there was unscheduled drama in the banking sector.  This involved the orderly failure of First…
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Free Class: First Time Homebuyer 101

Are you in the market for your first home but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Northeast Financial is here to help! We offer a free First Time Home Buyer 101 class to help guide you through the home-buying journey. Our class is designed for those who are new to the home-buying process and want to…
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Housing and Rates Having Tough Time Finding Momentum

Mortgage rates fell nicely to start the week but only after rising rather abruptly in the previous two weeks. That said, short term ups and downs are just a sideshow in the bigger picture where rates have been locked in a pattern of indecision that will ultimately give way to the next big move. There’s a…
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Is There Really a New, Unfair Mortgage Tax on Those With High Credit?

Seemingly overnight, the internet is awash with news regarding a “new,” unfair tax on mortgage borrowers with higher credit scores. Some have gone so far as to suggest that someone could intentionally lower their credit score in order to get a better deal. Before you stop paying your bills in the hope of cashing in,…
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Rates Having a Tough Time Turning The Corner

The good news is that last November increasingly looks like the moment when rates stopped surging higher at the fastest pace in 40 years. The not-so-good news is that they still don’t seem sure what to do next. Rates have been able to stop the bleeding due to inflation broadly leveling off over the past 6…
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The time to make use of your home’s equity is now

A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, is a type of loan that allows homeowners to access the equity in their homes as a source of credit. HELOCs can be a powerful tool for homeowners looking to make home improvements, pay for college tuition, or consolidate high-interest debt. Here are some reasons why a…
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