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Unleash Your Investment Potential: DSCR Loans for Savvy Real Estate Investors

Greetings, real estate investors! Are you looking to strategically expand your portfolio without the traditional income verification hurdles? If so, then look no further than DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Loans. This financing option offers a powerful tool for experienced investors like yourself.

DSCR loans allow you to qualify for financing based on the projected rental income of the property, rather than your personal income. This opens doors for investors who may have other financial commitments or are just starting to build their real estate portfolio.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Credit Requirements: A minimum credit score of 660 is needed.
  • Down Payment: Be prepared for a minimum down payment ranging from 15% to 25%, depending on the specific property.
  • Financial Reserves: Many lenders require applicants to have 3-6 months of reserves after closing to ensure financial stability.
  • Eligible Properties: These loans are ideal for a variety of residential investment properties, including condos, townhomes, and 1-4 unit buildings. For properties with 5-9 units, a 25% down payment applies.
  • Cash Flow is Key: Approval hinges on the property’s projected income. As long as the expected rent covers the mortgage payment, you’re in good standing! There may even be options for properties without current cash flow, with a higher down payment.
  • Fast and Efficient: Minimum loan amounts start at $100,000, and closings can be completed in as little as 3 weeks!
  • LLC Compatibility: Close the loan in the name of your LLC for enhanced liability protection.
  • Your Trusted DSCR Loan Partner: At Northeast Financial, we’re your expert resource for navigating the world of DSCR loans. We boast an extensive network of lenders, allowing us to secure the most competitive terms for your unique investment goals.
  • Streamlined Pre-Approval: Get pre-approved for this loan in just minutes after a quick consultation with our loan officer. Simply provide the necessary documentation for verification.
  • Appraisal Flexibility: Appraisals are conducted based on conventional standards, not the stricter FHA guidelines. This means properties with minor cosmetic issues can still qualify.

Excited to unlock the true potential of your real estate vision? Fill out the form below to initiate the DSCR loan process and propel your investment journey forward!

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