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The Dos and Don’ts when applying for a Home Loan

Do Get prequalified Check your credit report Continue paying your current monthly bills, including rent and utilities Pay all your bills on time: Important to be current Continue making purchases as usual: Banks love consistency, and continuing normal patterns of credit use gives banks a good idea of your spending routines Ask your lender questions:…
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The Northeast Financial LLC NICHE Sheet

Working with Northeast Financial LLC has it perks.  One of which is access to our industry leading niche products. Here is quick list of some of the Niche Products you can find here at Northeast Financial LLC: Bank Statement Ideal for self-employed borrowers who can’t use tax returns to qualify Up to 90% LTV, no…
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What does LTV mean?

Loan-to-Value An acronym often encountered in the home buying or refinancing process, LTV describes loan amount as a percentage of the purchase price or value of property. For example, an $80,000 loan on a $100,000 property equals an 80% LTV. You can also think of LTV as the inverse of your down payment. If you…
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6 Reasons to Refinance

Here are a few reasons to refinance now: 1. Lower your monthly payment by refinancing to a lower rate or by extending your loan. 2. Convert an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage and lock in a guaranteed rate that will never increase. 3. Get cash with a cash-out refinance that lets you access the…
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Refinance with Cash Out Advantages

Mortgage interest rates are currently at or near historical lows over the past 50 years.  Now is the time to take advantage of these low rates.  One vehicle to do this a Cash Out Refinance. Refinance mortgage rates tend to be lower than the interest rates on other types of debt, so it’s a very…
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Is now the right time to Refinance your existing mortgage?

  Would you like to refinance your existing mortgage?  Are you wondering if refinancing your existing mortgage is right for you?  Below I have provided answers to your questions. Reasons to refinance your existing mortgage: Lower your monthly payments: Refinancing loans at a lower rate could help you reduce your mortgage payments significantly. Home renovations:…
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