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Tips To Winning the House of Your Dreams In A Seller’s Market

Today’s market can be tough. Buyers need to act fast, be prepared, be educated and have a plan. If you are too slow or don’t know what to do, you may lose the house of your dreams. 


The first step should always be having that pre approval letter. I can help you with this. You can apply online right away using the following link: https://northeastfinancial.my1003app.com/2067187/register. It’s fast and very easy. After you apply I will only need some basic information about your income and assets to completely pre qualify you for the purchase of your dreams. Be sure to let me know if you have a home picked out to tell me its address so I can add it to your pre approval letter. This will help strengthen your offer.  I will take all of this for you in less than 24 hours. 


Next you should find a realtor that you trust because you will want to bring your realtor along to the showing. I’m happy to refer you to a realtor if you don’t already have one. 


You want to be prepared to make an offer immediately when you find that house since you do need to act fast in today’s market. Your offer needs to stand out among many offers. Go to the showing with a plan and a realtor that you trust. If you love the house, then step outside and have the offer written up before you leave the property. Remember your checkbook for the deposit. Keep your offer simple. More money is good, but sometimes the seller will choose a simple offer over a bigger offer. 


Reach out to me for pre-approval right away. Don’t miss out on the house of your dreams because you aren’t prepared to make the offer.


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Loan Officer

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