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Getting a Mortgage After a Divorce

Buying or Refinancing a Home After Divorce

More and more people are finding themselves moving after a separation or divorce.  This is almost always a time of incredible stress and emotional vulnerability. There are often many critical family decisions to be made in a rather short period of time.  As someone who finalized her own divorce at the conclusion of 2018, I am especially sensitive to the enormity of these decisions.

Buying or refinancing a home under theses circumstances can be simply overwhelming.  I believe that the most important thing you can do during this time of upheaval is surround yourself with family, friends and professionals who will genuinely support you and help you make smart decisions.
My clients consistently remark that I am supportive far beyond their expectations.  Working with someone who will care for you and faithfully prioritize your best interest is so incredibly important at this time in your life.

I am happy to speak with you and help you understand all of your available options.  Every call is completely confidential and I am also available to take calls during nights and weekends.
Many of my clients simply need guidance and information which I am always happy provide.  I can walk you through the process of buying or refinancing a home.  Furthermore, I can recommend other kind, compassionate and smart professionals to assist you in the transaction.
Please feel free to call or text me directly at my cell below.