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Connecticut Construction Loans

Construction and Home Repair Loans

We are a Connecticut Mortgage Company that offers Connecticut Construction Loans and Rehab Mortgages throughout the state

We are North-East Financial, and we offer two products that can help you out- FHA 203(K) and HomeStyle. Whether you are looking to purchase a distressed home and renovate it, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current home, these options may be for you.


Purchase – There are many homes around the state that are currently in distress and in need of repair. These are homes that many people can find really good deals on. If you’re someone looking at one of these homes, a renovation loan may be perfect for you. A renovation loan will allow you to finance not only the purchase price of the home, but also the repairs. This means that someone can ultimately finance a brand new kitchen, or a brand new bathroom, etc into the loan.

Refinance – Are you a current homeowner that would love to upgrade their home? If so, there are typically three options available: 1-Cash out refinance, 2-Home equity line of credit, or 3- Refinance with a renovation loan. Renovation refinance loans are perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade their home or add on to their current home. These loans allow a homeowner to refinance their loan and finance in any repairs they’d like done. This means homeowners have the ability to add value into their home without using any of their money.

So whether you are looking to purchase a home and renovate it, or renovate your current home, North-East Financial is here to help for your upcoming Connecticut construction loan. If you would like to learn more about these options, please contact me today.




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