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Traits of Quality Mortgage Brokers

1. Good brokers leverage technology for their clients’ benefit

New technology may be impacting the mortgage broking industry in a big way, but we are using it to our advantage and yours. We can enhance your experience in the homebuying process with tech that simplifies processes and procedures, such as:

  • Automated communication channels – bots, voicemail, SMS and email for the purposes of keeping you up to date on the loan process
  • App and online based documentation processes, removing the need to print, including technology such as DocuSign
  • Shared documentation, enabling brokers and clients to work on documents concurrently, which keeps everything transparent

2. Good brokers anticipate their clients’ needs

The major advantage of using mortgage brokers like us is choice. We allow you access to multiple products from multiple lenders without the hassle of shopping around. We do it for you.

As you will read in #3, the better a broker is at anticipating their client’s individual needs and matching the right products to them from a large panel of lenders, the more confidently you can make educated decisions.

That means we don’t simply try to maximize the amount of money you can borrow and get you the cheapest rate (although that is one of our goals). We do our best to make sure you are financially protected by taking into account future changes of circumstances and interest rate rises. We also take into account the bigger picture for you, both in the short- and the long-term. And we do this by asking probing questions, listening carefully to the answers and applying our extensive knowledge.

3. Good brokers make sense of the information

Good brokers take the educational approach and utilize creative and transparent methods to keep you in-the-know.

But information alone isn’t worth that much if it’s not acted on. So, we are the ones who can analyze your current situation, inform you of options and connect the dots. This helps us better understand you, your needs and provide top-notch service.

4. Good brokers spend time building relationships

Mortgage broking isn’t simply about setting up the best deals. It’s also about building valuable relationships. Given the average home loan runs from 25 to 30 years, my relationship with a client could run the same course. So, the best brokers don’t see a mortgage application as a one-off transaction; we approach it as the start of a lifelong business relationship.

Understanding what you may likely need at different stages in life and then proactively helping you along your property journey adds to the value of what we offer.

We do this by conducting regular health checks of each client’s mortgage. Are you receiving the best rate? Is the product still right for you? Are you planning to upsize, downsize or looking to buy an investment property? How have your financial goals changed? Then we apply numbers 1, 2 & 3 all over again.

5. Good brokers value their client’s time as much as their own

My job is to help save time and money. This involves presenting you with the best, most appropriate products and my expertise to make the process of applying for a home loan simple and easy.

In short, the best brokers do all they can to make your dream of homeownership a reality by providing integrity-focused service. And that’s what we do. Because we’re the best.

~Selena Boyts

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