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Buy more home with the help of a Co-Investment

Buy your dream home with the help of a Co-Investment.

Here at Northeast Financial LLC, we have partnered with an exclusive investor to bring a Co-Investment product to our customers.  This product is focused exclusively on the Jumbo mortgage market.

Simply put a Co-Investment is when an investor contributes funds towards a down payment in exchange for a portion of the equity return when the home sells.

Why would you want to look at using a Co-Investment when purchasing your next home?

    1. Lower your monthly payments by decreasing the amount you need to borrow.
    2. Increase your purchasing power.  You can buy higher-priced home when using a Co-Investor to contribute up to 10% of the price.
    3. Make a stronger offer.  Show a seller you are a strong buyer putting at least 20% down on the home of your dreams.

10 Product Basics

    1. Only for use in combination with loans greater than $484,350.
    2. This product is only offered for primary residences. 
    3. There are no interest or monthly payments.
    4. The investor doesn’t share in all of the home equity, only the change in value.
    5. The investor does not become a co-owner in the home.
    6. The smallest combined down payment is 20%.
    7. This is not a short term product.  If the client sells the home within the first 3 years the investor will not share in any decrease in value.
    8. Homeowners may buy out the investor anytime after the end of the 3rd year.
    9. The property must be typical for the area.
    10. Gift funds are ok to use in combination with the product.

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