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6 Ways I Can Help You Sell More Houses

6 Ways I Can Help You Sell More Houses

Can a loan originator help a Realtor sell? Realtors and home loan experts may work in the same industry, but they’re anything but competition. In fact, because of the distinct assets that both roles bring, loan originators and real estate agents often work better together. At Northeast Financial, we’ve seen opportunities to help our Realtor partners increase their profits. When an agent receives support from a loan originator beyond basic funding a special synergy can happen.

Hands down, the key to getting referrals is to provide an exceptional experience. Partnering with the right loan originator (LO) is probably the most important way to ensure consistent excellence for every homebuyer. In all industries, our world runs on an “experience economy.” People may forget a lot of things after moving into a house, but they won’t forget how they felt during the purchasing process.


A successful partnership may come with the following benefits:

  1. Boosted Business

The biggest source of a real estate agent’s business should be referrals from past clients. Most buyers still find their agents through referrals from neighbors, friends, or relatives, especially younger buyers.

Loan Originators and Realtors working side-by-side must ask themselves:

  • Were we courteous and encouraging to our client?
  • Was the process quick and efficient?
  • Did the buyer feel informed and confident as the transaction progressed?

The speed, follow-up, and reputation of a loan originator can enhance a Realtor’s business by giving them better communication, more negotiating power, and quicker loan processing. While almost all recent NextGen (Millennial and Gen Z) buyers reported enjoying their homebuying experience, they also felt Realtor/lender communication could improve. Partnering with a reliable loan originator can meet this need.

  1. Fast Pre-Approval Process

In today’s seller’s market, speed can be the difference between making a sale and losing out to another buyer. When working with our Realtor partners and our borrowers, we pay extra attention to detail, while keeping an eye on the clock.

During the early pre-approval phase, in particular, we recognize the “need for speed.” Agents want to get their buyers pre-approved quickly to determine how much house they can afford so they can start hunting.

Better, faster, friendlier: Your clients can complete an application to get pre-approved from anywhere.

  1. Industry Insight

Northeast Financial LO’s are encouraged to develop meaningful relationships with their Realtor partners. The goal? To add value that goes beyond closing loans.

This can look like providing your clients with multiple mortgage options to fit their financial situation. They also maintain contact with the loan processor, appraiser, underwriter and closer providing support and handling many of the tasks throughout the homebuying journey. It is another set of eyes on the process, ensuring that closing is on time and smooth. Helping in this way provides an agent with a level of comfort of knowing their buyers are being taken care of and they have less to worry about. Peace of mind is invaluable.

  1. Marketing Support

In a word-of-mouth profession like real estate, marketing assistance can be essential. It can literally pay to partner with a loan originator known for their digital and print co-marketing:

  • All Northeast Financial LO’s have access to marketing materials, used to educate borrowers, answer questions, and support their social and online presence.
  • Agents who partner with us can freely share the same marketing resources with their clients — and can request additional content from their LO partners, as needed.
  1. Next-Level Service

With the countless local and national brokerages and lenders available, how can an agent know which partner to pick? You’ve probably noticed almost every lender represents that they have the best rates. It’s not always about the rate. What about the extras? At Northeast Financial, we have a 100% commitment to closing on time and utilize leading technology to make this possible. We meet our commitment by keeping our processing in-house and by maintaining strong LO support.

  1. Proven Track Record and Reputation

Promises mean nothing if a lender can’t put their money where their mouth is. At Northeast Financial, a Realtor partnership is the beginning of a long-term relationship. All of our loan originators continue to provide speedy pre-approval turn-around times for their partners buyers. Most are happy to show up and do on-site prequals at local open houses, upon request.

The value of this relationship can often win out over the value of the dollar, even in our competitive industry. It’s not uncommon to see our borrower’s offer accepted over other stronger offers, just because the listing agent felt it was more reliable knowing Northeast Financial was behind it.

Can we get to know each other better?

Click here to connect with me, chat more about what a partnership looks like, and discuss the many ways you and your clients can benefit.

~Selena Boyts

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