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How Can You Get a Mortgage If You Are Self Employed?

Sometimes when you are self employed it’s hard to qualify for a conventional mortgage since you are not always able to show enough income on your tax returns. However, conventional loans are not your only option. You might be able to qualify for a Bank Statement Loan. In order to find out if you qualify…
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Bank Statement Programs for Self Employed Borrowers

Bank statement Loans were created for self-employed borrowers to purchase or refinance. Since tax returns are not required, this could be a great option for credit worthy self-employed homebuyers! Borrowers need to have two years of self employment*. 12 -24 Months of bank statements will be used to average income. Tax returns, w-2’s or pay…
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Looking for an Asset for Income Loan?

Do you have a healthy amount of assets but your documentable income is not easy to verify? Our Asset Connect product is designed specifically for borrowers with large significant assets. Qualification is based solely on the borrower’s assets. Requires enough assets to cover loan amount, monthly debt for 24 months, and 12 months reserves. Highlights…
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The Northeast Financial LLC NICHE Sheet

Working with Northeast Financial LLC has it perks.  One of which is access to our industry leading niche products. Here is quick list of some of the Niche Products you can find here at Northeast Financial LLC: Bank Statement Ideal for self-employed borrowers who can’t use tax returns to qualify Up to 90% LTV, no…
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