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Breaking Down Your Credit Score

Where do you stand?


What can you do to Improve your Score?

Pay all bills on-time

Don’t apply for too many credit lines

Don’t max out credit cards – Keep a balance at or below 30% of available for all revolving credit

Hold on to your older credit lines – Even if not using them keep them active.  They show available credit not being used which is a healthy habit


What makes up your Score?

35% – Payment History

30% – Amounts Owed

15% – Length of Credit History

10% – New Credit Inquiries

10% – Types of Credit


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The mortgage broker is not a credit repair company or credit repair organization. This does not guarantee improvement of your credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit
capacity. Any actions you take regarding your personal finances are done at your discretion. These actions do not guarantee that you will become eligible for a
loan. This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit.