USDA Mortgage Streamlines (No Appraisal Needed)

Posted on October 26, 2017 · Posted in connecticut usda mortgage

Northeast Financial – Your Connecticut Mortgage Company – is proud to announce a new program we are able to offer.


Do you presently have a USDA Mortgage and Live in Connecticut?


If so, I want to tell you about a new loan program that allows you to refinance your USDA Mortgage to a lower rate without doing an appraisal.  That is correct – No Appraisal Needed.


This program is ideal for people that want to lower their present rate and not go through the hassle and dragged out time of having an appraisal done.


Here is an overview of the program:


-It doesn’t matter how long you have been at your present job

-Debt to Income Ratios are not needed

-Get 1 month off before you make your next payment

-640 Min Credit Score Required (if your score is lower we will still work with you every step of the way)

-The Term is for 30 years

-USDA Rates are very competitive and low right now from where they were in the past.  This can mean a great monthly savings.


Call me today for a free consultation about doing a USDA Mortgage Streamline with No Appraisal.





Michael Meyer
Senior Vice President of Northeast Financial
210 S. Main St Middletown, CT 06457


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