USDA Home Purchase Loans in Connecticut

Rural/USDA Purchases


Hello my name is David Tortora and I would like to everyone about 100% financing options (with the USDA Home Loan Program) for people that are buying rural area houses in Connecticut. It is a great program with many benefits. I would like to go over the benefits and what the borrower will need in order to qualify.


Benefits of the USDA purchase product:


  1. 100 percent financing available – This is great for first time home buyers that have limited funds.


  1. Minimal private mortgage insurance- On USDA loans the monthly mortgage insurance is a third of what it would be on an FHA loan or conventional loan. This in turn makes the monthly payment cheaper allowing the borrower to afford more of a home.


  1. Great interest Rates- On USDA loans the interest rates are typically comparable to conventional and FHA rates. This allows for more buying power.



How to qualify for a USDA loan:


  1. Property must be in a USDA zone, click here to see if you qualify (or call me and I can look it up for you):


  1. Minimum credit score of 640


  1. Debt ratios can not be higher then 43 percent


Please call me with any questions or concerns and I will be happy to walk you through the process.


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