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Our partnerships are essential to our success. We work with Realtors, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Builders, Insurance Agents, Attorneys and Corporate HR Professionals to keep them informed of changes in the Mortgage Industry.

When our partners are successful, we are successful.

We offer monthly seminars at our office (or at our Partner’s location), free of charge, where we inform our Partners on Mortgage Changes and Information in the industry they need to excel. Having an in-house Real Estate Attorney at these seminars also offers a legal perspective to any upcoming Mortgage Industry changes.

Many of our seminars have been geared towards financial planners, CPA’s and Real Estate Agents about the changing landscape of topics from mortgage programs catering to Jumbo Loan clients to amendments within FHA guidelines that will effect their buyers. Everyone, especially the borrower, benefits when all of us can be more precise and coordinated when matching available properties with buyers and borrowers alike.

We also work closely with Accountants and Financial Advisors, taking them step-by-step through underwriting requirements for refinancing so that they can better serve their clients.

Our goal is work with you so that we all grow together!