How to Make Your Home Ready to Sell

Posted on October 23, 2017 · Posted in Connecticut First Time Mortgage, Connecticut Home Purchase Mortgage

How to Make Your Home Ready to Sell


The saying “you only get to one chance to make a great first impression” is true with many things in life but it is absolutely true if you are trying to sell your house.   In today’s Internet driven world, buyers are more informed than ever as to what is on the market and available for sale.   If you want to get your house sold quickly and at its highest value there are a few things every seller must do before putting their house on the market.


  1. Maximize your exterior curb appeal: Sprucing up the exterior is inexpensive and super important as it is the first thing buyers see when looking at a house. You want a buyer to be excited to enter your home. Trimming trees, planting flowers, and minor landscaping can go a long way.

  2. Neutralize the interior: As difficult as it may be to part with your brightly colored paint or décor, it is easier for buyers to envision themselves in a neutral setting. Subtle earth tones and plain walls are best. Having a neutral space helps the buyers to be creative and envision their own décor in the space.

  3. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter: Having a room as open as possible makes the space look bigger which is especially appealing to buyers. Simple things such as taking appliances off counters, taking down pictures, and cleaning out closets can go a long way.   If you have a lot of items that you don’t want to part with it may be helpful to rent a storage unit for large oversized furniture and any extra belongings that you may want in your new home.

  4. Minor fixes to interior décor: Minor updates can go a long way with savvy shoppers. Updating hardware such as adding modern handles to your cabinets can help draw buyers in. It is a minor and inexpensive change, and although the mismatched knobs never bothered you, buyers will notice the detail.

  5. Smell: While the smell of your pets doesn’t bother you, many people can be sensitive to smells.   Having your house professionally cleaned is always helpful in helping to minimize any lingering smells. If that isn’t enough then try using air fresheners or scented candles. Beware the common mistake of the Febreeze lover. If the first thing buyers smell is Febreeze many people immediately think that you are trying to hide something. Warm food related scents such as vanilla or cookies are more natural than the artificially floral scent of Febreeze.

  6. Always consult a Realtor: This is the most important thing a seller should do BEFORE putting their house on the market. A good listing agent will have the resources such a professional stagers, cleaners, and photographers. The most difficult part about putting your house on the market is the need to de-personalize the house that you have lived in for years and love. Having an objective eye look at your house could be the most helpful thing a seller can do. A good realtor will be able to help you navigate through this incredibly emotional and stressful time in your life.

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