Fast and Easy FHA Streamlines in Connecticut

Posted on August 2, 2017 · Posted in Connecticut Mortgage Refinance

Many people do not realize how easy the process is to Refinance your existing FHA mortgage loan.  The process is call a “Streamline” for good reason.  the process is very user friendly, requires no appraisal, your annual income is not a factor, and you can be closed in a short period of time.


What you will need to refinance/Streamline you FHA Mortgage is:


1. Most recent copy of your mortgage statement.

2. 2 Months of Bank Statements showing you have reserves enough to make 1 payment.

3. Your Mortgage Note from your last closing (we can help you get this if needed).

4. And signed disclosures that we provide to you.


The process is very easy.  With this Loan Program you can take your present mortgage (and no upfront/out of pocket points are charged to you) and lower the rate and/or term and/or monthly payment.  This is a great program that helps you to save money – and if you already have a FHA Loan you easily qualify for it.


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