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Posted on November 30, 2017 · Posted in Connecticut Mortgage Company, Connecticut Mortgage Refinance

Hello everyone, I am Drew Raney with Northeast Financial in Middletown, Connecticut.  We are a full service mortgage company and I wanted to address some concerns many borrowers have when they are refinancing their home.  That concern is “Time.”


When people refinance their homes many times they have had their mortgage for years.  And if you have been in your mortgage for 8 years or so (meaning you have 22 years left) – would you really want to go back to a 30 year mortgage and start all over again?  The answer is no!  As you may know, the first several years of your mortgage have a high percentage of interest paid in the beginning – so you do not pay as much principal.  By starting over you will essentially be paying back years of interest that will not go towards paying down your loan and being “Mortgage Free.”


We have a solution for this problem.  We are able to provide a “Choice Term” mortgage where we can refinance you and let you choose how many years are left on your mortgage.  So if you have had your mortgage for 7 years then we can give you a 23 year mortgage on your refinance.  Many times we can lower your rate, monthly overall payment, and make it so you will not lose any years on your mortgage.  This is an essential loan for all those that are want to pay off their mortgage and not lose years of interest.


To qualify for this type of loan is an easy process.  All we need to do is make sure your credit score, annual income, and property value fit our guidelines and we can have you an answer back usually within a few hours.


If you are interested in having us work up this loan type for you and help you stay on track to pay off your mortgage then give us a call today.





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