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USDA Mortgages – Act before It’s Too Late!


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to make changes to the USDA eligibility maps effective October 1, 2014. Currently approximately 34% of the population lives in USDA eligible areas – when the new maps come out this is expected to be reduced to 26%. Many areas of Connecticut that are eligible today will not be after the changes. USDA mortgages can be a good deal for many Connecticut residents. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you live in a USDA eligible zone even when there are no farms or agriculture anywhere near the area where you live (or plan to move). It’s easy to find out, just use the following link to the USDA web site and enter the address of your home or a home you are planning to buy:


Here are some facts regarding USDA loans:


  • First, per the above, the property must be in a USDA eligible zone

  • The home must be occupied as the borrowers primary residence.

  • USDA home loans have a maximum household income limit which varies by county. As an example, the maximum income for two people (co-borrowers) in southern Middlesex county is $79,200.

  • No down payment required – you may finance as much as 100% of the property value.

  • Because these mortgages are guaranteed by the US government, lenders can offer very competitive 30 year fixed interest rates.

  • The maximum purchase price is not set by the USDA, it is established by individual lenders based on the borrower’s ability to repay.

  • Credit guidelines are not as strict as for other loan types. However, applicants must have sufficient income and the ability to repay the mortgage.



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