Connecticut Commercial Mortgage: Mixed Use Loans

Hello everyone, we are Northeast Financial of Connecticut.  We offer a turn-key commercial mortgage (Stated Income Loan) for Mixed Use properties.  The Mixed Use (MUD) property can be a combination of apartments, retail, office, etc.  Below is an overview of our program:


Loan Amounts: $25,000 to $1,000,000


Property types: Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Auto Repair, Day Care, Funeral Homes, Beauty Shops, Motels/Hotels, Warehouse, Mobile Home Parks, Campgrounds, Churches, Self-Storage, Dry Cleaner (Drop off only), Recreational properties


Ineligible Properties: Raw land, Land requiring “ground up” construction (any loan requiring rehab work must equal 10% or less of the property value), or gas stations (although we will lend on auto repair/auto body shops)


LTV: Maximum LTV is 70%. (75% with higher Fico Scores) 


Credit Scores: 600 Minimum FICO Scores.  Any scores below 600 will require a letter of explanation.


Closings: Three to four weeks (the timeline is based on how quickly we receive all the required information)


Rates: Fixed Rates as low as 6.5% and can be as high as 11.5% depending on your scenario


Points:  Northeast Financial charges one  to three points depending on the scenario


Prepay: Declining 5%-4%-3%-2%-1% Prepay Penalty


States:   We transact commercial mortgages in 42 states except for Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia. 


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Michael Meyer
Senior Vice President of Northeast Financial
210 S. Main St Middletown, CT 06457

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