CHFA First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Loans

CHFA Home Loan Programs


The Connecticut Home Finance Authority or CHFA has loan programs specifically for first time homebuyers. These programs are designed to help couples and individuals move from renting to owning their first home.


CHFA loans programs have a few key features that make this possible


  • Lower than market interest rates. Typically interest rates can be any where from a .25-.75% lower than current market interest rates. This allows for lower payments help borrowers qualify more easily for the loan.

  • DAP or down payment assistance allows for the home buyer(s) to borrow up to 100% of the homes value to assist with closing costs or down payment.

  • Lower credit scores. Typically to qualify for a CHFA loan with a DAP the borrower(s) need a score of at least 660. Many conventional programs need scores above a 700.


These are just a few features that make CHFA loans a key loan program for those looking to buy a home in Connecticut.





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