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Do You Have To Pay PMI On Your Mortgage?

Posted on October 5th, 2017 · Posted in Connecticut Home Purchase Mortgage, no PMI

Did you know that you can buy a house without 20% down and not have to pay the traditional PMI anymore?   When it comes to mortgage insurance, most people.. read more

Connecticut No PMI Mortgage Solutions

Private Mortgage Insurance also known as PMI, is a requirement for the majority of mortgages where the buyer is putting less than 20% down for a down-payment. PMI does not.. read more

Connecticut Mortgage: “No PMI” Home Loans

Northeast Financial is your Connecticut Mortgage Company.  We offer several solutions for financing your home to help you get rid of that monthly PMI payment (which can mean a huge monthly.. read more

Dave Tortora: Connecticut No PMI Home Loan Options

Hello everyone – I am Dave Tortora with North-East Financial of Connecticut. We offer several solutions for refinancing or purchasing a home to help you get rid of that monthly PMI.. read more