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Connecticut Mortgage 101: Why Do I Have PMI On My Home Loan?

Posted on February 16th, 2018 · Posted in connecticut mortgage broker, Connecticut Mortgage Company

Here is the simply truth about PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) – mortgage insurance protects lenders against losses in the event that a borrower stops making payments on their mortgage.  Mortgage.. read more

Connecticut Investment Real Estate Mortgage Options

If you already own or are looking to buy an investment property in Connecticut – we offer two great programs for Real Estate Investors:   The first option we offer.. read more

Mortgage Loan Options by Ramazan Sinani

Posted on January 29th, 2018 · Posted in connecticut mortgage broker, Connecticut Mortgage Company

Hi, my name is Ramazan Sinani and I am your local Mortgage Loan Originator with Northeast Financial here in Connecticut. When you’re looking to get a mortgage – you want.. read more

The Pre-Approval Process

Posted on January 24th, 2018 · Posted in Connecticut First Time Mortgage, Connecticut Mortgage Company

The Importance of a Pre-approval Process      Before you start your home search and start the process to qualify for a mortgage loan, it’s important to understand the differences between.. read more

Milford Connecticut Mortgage Options and What You Need To Know

Posted on January 10th, 2018 · Posted in connecticut mortgage broker, Connecticut Mortgage Company

As a resident of Milford Connecticut and a mortgage professional I’m excited for the spring season to be approaching. One of the biggest reasons why – is it’s the buying.. read more

Attention Connecticut Home Owners That Presently Have a USDA Mortgage

Posted on December 28th, 2017 · Posted in Connecticut Mortgage Company, connecticut usda mortgage, usda streamline

Do you presently have a USDA Mortgage and Live in Connecticut?  If so, I want to tell you about a new loan program that allows you to refinance your USDA.. read more

Why a Local Mortgage Company is better for your Connecticut Property

The 1-800 Guys vs. NorthEast Financial   So, you are planning on making one of the most important financial decisions of your life – buying a home or refinancing a home. .. read more

Connecticut Mortgage: Understanding How Your Credit Score is Calculated

Hello Connecticut residents! My name is Ramazan Sinani and I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator for Northeast Financial of Connecticut. Today I would like to talk with you about.. read more

Connecticut Mortgage: Getting a Home Loan When You Are Self Employed

About a decade ago it was easy for people that were self employed to obtain a mortgage.  If the borrower showed a strong annual income and assets – then getting a.. read more

What does it mean for Connecticut Borrowers when interest rates rise?

For the last several years we have seen low interest rates.  In fact the last time we saw a large rate increase was 2006. The fed raised interest rates 17.. read more