Buying VS Renting a House in Connecticut

Renting vs. Buying



Hello everyone, I am Craig from Northeast Financial of Connecticut. Today I would like to talk about renting vs buying a home in Connecticut.

When you are starting out or starting over the question is should you rent or should you buy. Life style goes into this as well as dollars and cents.


Many websites like or have calculators that will crunch numbers for you to help with your decision. This will compare the costs of renting vs. the costs of owning your own home. It also looks at the investment of owning a home vs. renting.


Another decision that goes into this is what type of place do you want to live in and why.


Some people choose to rent an apartment. These are generally smaller with less bedrooms, baths, and features you may find in a home. If you are single and just starting out this may be appealing. However, if you are married or have children – renting may not have the space you need or the cost of renting a 3-4-bedroom house might not be affordable compared to buying a house.


Renting for a lot of people allows them to be flexible and mobile. For those that like to move often or move to an area for work having the ability to be mobile and not have to worry about selling a property might be the answer.

Buying for others is ideal because it allows them to plan for their future. Buying a home allows you to build equity whereas renting lines the pocket of the actual owner of the property. Buying a home is a great way to save for your future and (better yet) you get to make your house a “Home” and paint/design it to fit your needs.


These are a few things to look at when considering buying a home or renting. If you have any questions or would like to know what you might qualify for (if you are buying) do not hesitate to reach out to me.




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